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Give Me 30! Fitness Ideas After Our Holiday Indulgence

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Forgive me for this blasphemous statement I am about to make. However, sometimes I wish there was a P.E. class for adults. Like one we had to go to just like back in grade school. Maybe this is just the ramblings of the mind of a person who overindulged a little too much over the last two days. But looking back on my youth, I can see how much of a safeguard it was to have physical fitness class as a part of my educational experience. Now that I am an adult, finding time to be fit takes determination and willpower. It is always easy to just skip today, I'll go to the gym tomorrow. I am absolutely most motivated after the new year (New Year, New Me) and after major holidays like the one we just had when the whole theme is to eat good food, and lots of it. This week's blog will not be long and cumbersome. We are all recovering, myself included. So here are some tips to help you cope with any rising holiday guilt you may be experiencing by providing you with 7 ideas to get your heart pumping and increase your physical fitness.

Bike Ride

If you don't have a bike of your own, some cities and towns provide access. Try biking down a bike path or trail and feel the wind in your face.



A staple in our family, family game night is a time for good laughs and good games with loved ones. Maybe implement one in yours with a twist. One that requires movement. The game Twister is one that will help you get the laughs and movement going.


Ever tried jumping on a trampoline with the youngsters? Every muscle in your body somehow gets worked from this simple jumping up and down activity.

Hula hoop

I'll admit this was one that I could never get right. But perhaps you fair better.

Walk the dog

You and Fido both can benefit from this activity. Rather than take a solo walk, grab the leash and let your best pal join in the fun.

Solo dance party