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3 Random Things Challenge

In March of this year, I introduced my readers to the Wellness Wheel and issued a challenge for you all to take a few minutes throughout the week to identify which area or areas you wanted to make small, incremental changes. Thought I had forgot, did you? Well, this is our six-month check-in. How did you do? Did you forget? [Reminder here]

For those of you who are tired of the typical "count to 10," "take deep breaths," "write in a journal," "eat healthy," and "exercise regularly," I presented to you six atypical and completely out of the box ways to embrace wellness. Forgot again, didn't you? That's okay. The thing about us coaches is that we tend to circle the wagon back to previously discussed topics as a reminder to help give you that extra boost to take charge of your own wellness. [Reminder #2 here].

Happiness is not something that any of us will be feeling at all times. Let's face it. We are human. We are flawed. We are critical of ourselves, and we are critical of others. There are those of you who started the journey, implemented some changes, and have experienced positive results (improved mood, improved sleep, improved health, etc.) If this is you, I must issue a word of caution, do not become complacent. The truth is, happiness is fleeting if not worked upon. You have to first create happiness and then work to keep it, constantly. It is with this realization that I created Envision Coaching & Consulting, LLC and EnvisionCo Blog. We need more education on mental well-being. We need more guidance on stress management. We need more support in learning to self-nurture. We need accountability and reminders to keep us moving forward.

Today's article is a call to action. There are 3 more months left in 2022. For many of us, our habit is to push through the holiday season- interacting with both family we like and family we don't like (social wellness), regretting all the money we spent (financial wellness), regretting all the rich and unhealthy foods we ate (physical wellness), and trying to figure out where to store the old toys/clothing/electronics that have been replaced by all the new items (environmental wellness). Varying pageants, plays, and ceremonies will leave us feeling guilty of how we abandoned our spiritual commitments all year long (spiritual wellness). Surveying the totality of it all will leave us feeling mentally and emotionally drained (intellectual and emotional wellness). We will get a burst of motivation and the "new year, new me," bug will bite us and spur us into action to make a list of New Year's Resolutions that we may follow for a month or two if we are lucky. Let's not do that again. It has not served us well and it is time to make a change. Let's commit to start now.

For this challenge, choose 3 random things you can do consistently each week to improve your wellness and ultimately your happiness. For ideas of some things to try, revisit any of the tips in the following articles:

As we close out 2022, I hope you will commit to the 3 random things challenge to help you embrace your wellness. Please feel free to share in the comments below which 3 random things you have selected to start your challenge. You can also update us weekly on your progress if you feel so inclined. And please remember, wherever you are on this journey, do not worry about getting it perfect; just get it going. Until next time. Happy reading.

"Change is not merely necessary to life-it is life. ~Alvin Toffler

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