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Top 20 Picks: Poorly Explain What You Do for a Living

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This week has been something. My company instituted a mandatory work Saturday (therapist life and paperwork y'all). Even though Monday was a holiday, my body feels like it has been on go with absolutely no rest. All the outlines of what to share with you my dear readers are out the window. Today I wanted to laugh and hope to share that laughter with you. Or maybe a giggle.

This morning as I was mindlessly scrolling through social media, (and by morning, I mean at around 2am this morning) I stumbled across a post, "Poorly Explain What You Do for a Living." I must admit, I cackled a little with some of them. I'm going to share with you my top 20 picks.

Let me guess...photographer? Trained assassin works well too though.

"I make people smile then I shoot them, occasionally I flash at them as well." ~Heather Holmes

Suddenly I am hungry for pizza.

"I put round things in square things so people can eat triangle things." ~Todd Glenn

So many directions; some inappropriate....a funeral director? Yeah. That's safe.

"I'm in the business of misery." ~Ashley Parker

IT Support??? I don't know. All I keep seeing is the Geek Squad van rolling up.

"I kindly ask people to unplug the device that is causing them trouble. Ask them to count to 5 and plug it back in again." ~Alex Quale

Either he is someone's 85 year old sight seeing grandpa or a "boy in blue"

"I'm the most annoying thing on the highway for people in a rush. Which is all the time." ~Matthew Gaudon

Florist. And I'm willing to bet February 14th and Mother's Day are the busiest.

"I put dead flowers in vases just so they could die even more but on display." ~Gina Wells

I don't know banker? But can Carla give me the kind of money I don't have to pay back?

"I give people money that isn't mine." ~Carla Kindness

Respiratory Therapist right?

"I take people's money for teaching them how to breathe." ~Jeffrey Peterson

Math teacher. Eww<