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EnvisionCo Blog Wishes You a Happy Dad's Day!

Hey everyone! I woke up feeling inspired to switch things up a bit today. While we all love our usual deep dives into stress management, self-care, and cultivating inner peace (don't worry, those will be back!), I felt a strong pull to celebrate the amazing fathers in our lives.  (Notice the self-care shelf taking a temporary backseat – hashtags have transformed too!)  So, buckle up for a post dedicated to dads!

The third Sunday in June. For as long as I can remember, it's been a day that's left me feeling a bit...unsettled. Even as a child, it just wasn't a holiday that resonated with me. Don't worry, this won't be a bitter rant! (But maybe a call for a shift in perspective!) Now, looking back with a bit more age (and hopefully, wisdom), I want to genuinely celebrate the fantastic fathers who are truly present in their kids' lives. Society doesn't do enough to acknowledge these amazing dads, and that's something I want to change. Let's hear what one such father has to say on his social media post about how we handle Father's Day:

"Father's day is less than 2 weeks away and I don't see any big displays of gifts for sale. When it was a month before mothers day they had multiple isles filled with gift ideas for mothers. My wife told me she only seen 2 gift baskets for father's. And not because they were sold out, it was because that was all they had. We don't even get a full section. We have a couple of cards next to the old graduation presents that didn't sell. On mother's day every restaurant was sold out. On Father's day they sell BBQ pits, grills and black stones more than any other time of the year. Women get pampered on their day while men get put to work. Plus we have to share our day with bitter women that claim to be father's too. On a day that is meant to be a celebration for father's, really just reminds us how the world really feel about us." ~Dennis Sennett

Is he right? Have you been noticing this trend in your area too? Now admittedly, Father's Day might be a younger tradition compared to Mother's Day (51 years vs 109!), but that doesn't mean dads deserve less recognition! And I will be honest with you, I have not noticed nearly as many advertisements in stores, online, or on social media. I'm not going to deep dive into any of the sociological reasons this is occurring. This is not the time or place for men vs women debates. Rather than be a part of the problem, I wanted to use my little slice of the internet to be a solution. Last year, I was able to compile pictures from men I knew personally or from social media. And for some of the guys, their wives submitted the photos. It was so heart-warming and beautiful to see. Here is a brief recap:

While I couldn't quite capture that personal touch this year (cue the note to self: recruit more awesome dads on social media!), I'm still here to celebrate you fathers with a collection of heartwarming tributes from around the social web! Here we go.

A Tribute from Wanda Faulk Odom 

"Good morning. Happy Father's Day."

"To all the fathers, grandfathers, adopted fathers, foster fathers, uncles and mentors. Thank you. Happy Father's Day."

A Tribute from Eyinka

"To all the wonderful dads, Happy Father's Day! And for those who are missing their fathers today, know that their love endures through the cherished memories and lessons they've left behind. It's a day to celebrate, remember, and hold on to those precious moments."

A Tribute from Voltron

It's Fathers Day! To the biological fathers and the found fathers. To the fathers of many and the one-of-many fathers. To the foster father of a group of space explorers who is also the clone of the foster father of a group of space explorers, merged together. To everyone who fills that role, we wish you a happy Fathers Day! For the Voltron fans with Voltron fan dads, how are you celebrating Fathers Day? 

A Tribute from Child Therapy NI

"Happy fathers day and..."

This status has been shared 244 times on Facebook as of the writing of this article.

"Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing fathers, grandads, father in-laws, step dads, dads to be and all the other father figures in everyone’s lives! FPD hopes you all have an amazing day celebrating these wonderful men in our lives."

"Father thank you for Always being there for me Teaching me skills Having the best heart Expecting nothing but giving everything. Really, you are the best.

A Tribute from Quotes Gate

Until we meet again in another place and time, Dad. Happy Father's Day in Heaven."

This status has 4.3k reactions and over 5.5k shares.

Now please do not look at my list and say to yourself that it wasn't as detailed or not as many as you would have imagined in comparison to what you'd envision for the mom tributes. When compiling the items for today's article, I took extreme care not to use any personal pictures that were not sent directly to me to use. Which again, is why the flavor is different this year than last year. But as I made it my goal to locate tributes to dads, I found that I saw just exactly what I was looking for. Tributes to dads.

"A father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He shows you." 

~Dimitri the Stoneheart

Father's play an invaluable role in the lives of their children. Will this little girl grow up to be a world class hairstylist? Who knows. However, because of the quality and safety of the playtime her father provides, her young brain and body will store these positive feelings of acceptance for years to come. To him, it's just playtime. For her, her entire world is being molded and shaped. Beyond being providers and protectors, fathers are often the unsung heroes who quietly shape our values, dreams, and identities. From the tender moments of teaching us to ride a bike or throwing a baseball, to the quiet strength they exhibit during tough times, fathers impart lessons that extend far beyond practical skills. They instill values like resilience, perseverance, and integrity through their actions and words.

Beyond the barbeques and baseball games, Father's Day is a time to recognize the quiet heroes in our lives. Fathers come in various forms—biological, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, grandfathers, and father figures—all contributing uniquely to our growth and well-being. They often work tirelessly, offering unwavering support and a guiding hand that shapes our values without fanfare. On this day, it's important to acknowledge the sacrifices fathers make—sometimes sacrificing personal ambitions to provide for their families or dedicating countless hours to ensure their children have opportunities they never had. I will be the first to admit that there is still work to be done. The dedication of present and active fathers often goes unnoticed but deserves all of our heartfelt appreciation. Today, let's celebrate their strength, their wisdom, and the profound impact they have on our hearts and minds.

My intention today was to shine the spotlight on a segment of the population that we don't shout out nearly enough. Let's be the change by continuing to celebrate dads throughout the month. If you have a picture of your dad or a wholesome, warm and fuzzy feeling picture of a dad with his kids that you have captured, please post it in the comments below. We all need to get better at acknowledging and appreciating these active dads. We see them. And we are not lumping them in with those others who are not active and present. Changing the narrative with Father's Day and fatherhood as a whole is not a one and done journey though. Please remember wherever you are on this journey, do not worry about getting it perfect; just get it going. Until next time. Happy reading!

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"The power of a dad in a child's life is unmatched." ~Justin Ricklefs


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