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7 Fun and Meaningful Ways to Spend Your Labor Day Holiday

The Industrial Revolution modernized North America during the 19th century. As people enjoyed steady employment, they compromised their rights in the workplace. Longer work hours. Pay cuts. Unsafe working conditions. Low wages. In the United States, labor groups began seeking to protect themselves by unionizing. These unions advocated for better wages, shorter working hours, and improved workplace safety. In 1882, the Central Labor Union of New York and New Jersey planned a parade and a picnic for workers on the first Monday in September. The idea of a workingman's holiday quickly gained traction, and similar events were organized in other cities and states. The state of Oregon became the first state to pass a law recognizing Labor Day on February 21, 1887. Congress passed an act on June 28, 1894, making the first Monday in September a legal holiday for Labor Day. President Grover Cleveland signed the bill into law, officially establishing Labor Day as a national holiday.

Today, we focus less on labor movements and more on associating Labor Day the symbolic end of summer. For many Americans, Labor Day is celebrated with parties, street parades and athletic events (hey, did someone say football?). Just like I did last year, once again I encourage you rather than use this day as a day to catch up on housework, do something nice for yourself that will bring a smile to your face, lower your stress levels, and create memories for years to come. I'll try my best not to rehash last year's activity recommendations but if you need a refresher, please check out the article, "Labor Day: Why You Should Do Something for You."

Idea #1- Lake Trip:

Is there a lake in your area? Research nearby lakes and choose the one that suits your preferences. Decide whether you want to just make a day trip of it, camp by the lake, rent a cabin, or stay in a nearby hotel or resort. Don't forget to pack swimwear, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, insect repellent, towels, and comfortable clothing. If you enjoy the tranquility of fishing, don't forget your fishing gear.

Idea #2- Local Food Adventure:

Don't go by the same old tired chain restaurants that you always go to. Explore local cuisine in your area by trying out new restaurants or heck even new food trucks in your area. When you dine at local restaurants or food trucks, you're not only treating yourself to delicious meals but also supporting small businesses in your community. The goal is to step out of your culinary comfort zone and try flavors and dishes that you haven't tasted before. You may encounter ingredients, spices, or cooking techniques you've never encountered before. Just don't forget the antacids.

Idea #3- Family Game Day:

What better way to bond, have fun, and create lasting memories with your loved ones than a family game day! Gather a variety of games to cater to different interests and age groups within your family. Whether it is classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chess for those who enjoy strategy and critical thinking; card games like Uno, Go Fish, and Crazy Eights; or physical activities like frisbee, volleyball, soccer, or a friendly game of touch football, you can find something which can be great for all ages. Just don't forget to capture the fun moments with photos or videos. Memories such as these can be cherished and revisited during future family gatherings.

Idea #4- Arts and Crafts:

Engaging in arts and crafts on Labor Day is a fantastic way to tap into your creativity, unwind, and perhaps even produce something meaningful. Arts and crafts encourage self-expression. Crafting has also been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety. When you're immersed in a creative project, your focus shifts away from daily worries, allowing you to relax and experience a sense of calm. So, whether you're painting, sculpting, or creating something entirely unique, you have the freedom to express your thoughts, emotions, and imagination through your chosen medium. Just remember, messes will be made and that's okay too.

Idea #5- Explore Local Attractions:

Outings to local attractions provide an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, sharing discoveries and creating shared memories. Even though it is definitely not the traditional Labor Day activity, local attractions like zoos, botanical gardens, and historical sites can offer a wealth of educational opportunities. You can learn about diverse plant species, discover the wonders of wildlife, or delve into the history and culture of your region. Just be sure to bring your good walking shoes.

Idea #6- Visit a Museum:

Last year, at times my Labor Day was overcast and drizzling rain. This year, the forecast out my window is indicating much of the same. Therefore, I decided to add an indoor activity to our list of Labor Day activity ideas. Many museums offer special Labor Day exhibitions or events. Museums house collections of art, artifacts, and exhibits that span various disciplines. They provide a unique opportunity to expand your intellectual wellness by learning about different cultures and gaining insights into historical events and scientific discoveries. You can take your time to absorb the information, appreciate artistry, and ponder the significance of historical events. Most museums carry some sort of gift shop; just remember to bring your wallet so that you can bring home a unique souvenir.

Idea #7- Attend a Parade:

Labor Day parades symbolize the achievements of workers and their role in building and shaping communities. They offer a chance to celebrate the progress and success of your local area. Parades often feature marching bands, floats, and local organizations. The positive energy and camaraderie at parades can be infectious, bringing together people from all walks of life. It's a time when people come together to celebrate, have fun, and appreciate the shared values and achievements of the community. Check if your local community is hosting a Labor Day parade. Just remember to bring your beverage container so you can stay hydrated, sunscreen, and good walking shoes.

Remember that Labor Day is not just about leisure but also about honoring the contributions of workers. So, whether you choose to relax or engage in activities, make sure to take time to appreciate the hard work and achievements of laborers that this holiday represents. I hope you find these ideas for a fun, memorable, and meaningful Labor Day useful. If you have additional ideas of activities that will help relieve stress and promote emotional wellness for this Labor Day, please feel free to share them in the comments. If you caught this article after Labor Day, please be sure to share in the comments how you commemorated this holiday. Enhancing our self-care and self-nurturing doesn't have to be overly complicated; we just have to get creative with our wellness. And please remember, as you begin this wellness journey, do not worry about getting it perfect; just get it going. Until next time. Enjoy your Labor Day, make some memories, and happy reading!

"Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them." ~Bob Dylan


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Letecia Griffin
Letecia Griffin
04 sept 2023

When best friends show up to participate in shenanigans with you.🤭 This time, we are nurturing our wellness both social and intellectual. Cheers to another relaxing Labor Day! ❤️

Me gusta

Letecia Griffin
Letecia Griffin
04 sept 2023

Despite the skies being overcast, Destin Beach was beautiful yesterday. The sounds of the waves of the ocean. The calming breeze. The white sands. Oh and yes, can't forget about the wildlife! 😍

Me gusta
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