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Category:University of Melbourne faculty Category:Australian computer scientists Category:University of Melbourne alumni Category:Microsoft people Category:Living people Category:Australian technology writers Category:Year of birth missing (living people)Maternal parenteral nutrition. To evaluate the use of maternal parenteral nutrition for both short-term and long-term neonatal nutrition. A prospective study of 24 pregnancies complicated by maternal parenteral nutrition was undertaken in a tertiary referral hospital between November 1990 and October 1994. Analysis of maternal and neonatal outcome in the cases of maternal parenteral nutrition and review of the relevant literature. Eight patients developed a total of 12 pregnancies following maternal parenteral nutrition. The first infant was delivered after pregnancy termination at 15 weeks due to twin-twin transfusion syndrome. The subsequent six pregnancies were delivered at 37-42 weeks of gestation. Seven patients had a combination of bowel and liver disease as the cause of their nutritional and physiological failure and one patient had chronic renal failure. The growth and development of all infants was normal after birth. The duration of maternal parenteral nutrition was 7-90 days (mean 30 days). There was one spontaneous abortion and one perinatal death after 9 weeks of pregnancy. This is the first report of a successful pregnancy in a patient with Crohn's disease. Maternal parenteral nutrition is indicated in severely malnourished pregnant women who are unable to meet their nutritional requirements by enteral or oral routes, with or without small intestinal disease. It may be used for short-term and long-term nutritional support in neonates. Further experience in this area is required to define indications and ensure safety.Q: Select element inside an element inside a HTML element I am trying to get the value of my selection from within this: 1 2




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Rajkumar Buyya Cloud Computing.pdf curope

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